What does yesterday's Fort Collins news portend for the future?

      Yesterday, August 24, 2013, in Fort Collins there were three big news stories.  Without trying to put them in order of importance they were:  1.  the ground breaking for the new Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) temple in Fort Collins,   2.  the US Pro Challenge race stage that went through Loveland, Windsor, Fort Collins, and parts of Larimer County, and 3.  the resignation of Rulon Stacey as CEO of the Colorado University Health System.

     The temple in Fort Collins will not be a historical and religious landmark like the Salt Lake City temple.  But there are other Mormon temples such as in San Diego, Washington DC, and Boston that are integral parts of those communities.  I hope that the Fort Collins temple is well accepted by those in Fort Collins who are not Mormons, which is 95% of the population, and welcomed as a positive addition to the area. 

      The professional bicycle race interrupted traffic and interfered with the use of public facilities for a few hours on Saturday morning.  Will the consensus of the community be the complaints of those who were inconvenienced or, the satisfaction that comes in being involved in an event that is of national interest?  My hope is that our community  will want to be involved in more events with regional, national and even international interest, even if they occasionally interfere with our run to the grocery store for our weekly shopping.

     Rulon Stacey came to Fort Collins a number of years ago to lead our local hospital (Poudre Valley Hospital).   During the 5 or 6 years prior to his arrival the hospital had been led by 2 or 3 different individuals who left after very brief service in that position.  My take from the newspaper articles written at the time was that there were 3 different interest groups that sought for influence at the hospital...the doctors, the other employees and the hospital district.  During Mr. Stacey's tenure the doctors for the most part have become hospital employees and the hospital district no longer shares in administering the hospital, but has become a landlord.  Today there is little turmoil at the hospital that appears in the newspaper.  Maybe of more significance is the great expansion in facilities and services that can be seen at the original Lemay Avenue campus (when I was born there the street was called Hospital Road), the much newer Harmony Campus and the more recent Medical Center of the Rockies.  If that startling local growth was not remarkable enough, our local system has become a vital part of the University of Colorado Health System which, if not the largest,  is surely one of the larger providers of medical care in Colorado.  Rulon Stacey who has led all these developments has not yet announced what he will do next.  At 53 years of age my hope is that he will find a place in the national health care scene where he can help improve our health care as he has done over the past number of years.

      There was alot of interesting news yesterday in Fort Collins.  I am looking to the future of having:  a temple in the city that is looked to with pride by all,  more exciting events hosted by our community, and a brilliant national leader in health care with strong ties to Fort Collins.














Posted on August 25, 2013 .