Its July 6, 2014 in Fort Collins, Colorado and things are cooking.

First, today and the upcoming week is the hottest temperature wise this year.

Second, there is significant construction throughout Larimer County.  Here is a rundown of some of the projects that have caught my attention:

1.  The town's major mall that was built in the 1970s is being remodeled as is its sister structure "The Square".

2.  The Fort Collins bus system just completed a huge update known as Max.

3.  Trader Joe's and Costco...a couple iconic retailers are opening for the first time in Fort Collins.

4.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is constructing a new temple in Fort Collins and a new chapel in Windsor.

5.  Colorado State University is in the process of considering the construction of a new football stadium on campus to replace its current stadium near the foothills.

6.  There are new residential subdivisions throughout the area but most heavily concentrated in the southeast quadrant and across I-25 into Timnath and Windsor.

7.  Otter Box is just completing its huge headquarters building in downtown Fort Collins and Woodward Governor is in the process of building its much larger headquarters campus on the north east corner of Old Town.

8.  There are hundreds of new student apartments recently or currently being constructed west, north and south of the Colorado State University campus.

The above list, though involving hundreds of millions of dollars was just off the top of my head from driving about town the last few months ie.  I have not checked with the building department or the Chamber of Commerce or any source that might actually be making an effort to keep track of all of this activity.  So, unless you are a diehard no growth advocate, there is a great deal of interesting change occurring in this area.  We can only hope that this change results in increased prosperity for all of our residents.


Posted on July 6, 2014 .