Is it time to call a pro?

The recent flooding in Fort Collins and a review of a lawsuit have me thinking about the importance of professional help.   The flood has me thinking about this because of water under our basement.  After seeing the damage incurred by others we stopped by a plumbing supply store yesterday to discuss our water problem.  We left with a sump pump.  I have it working with a garden hose.  This is a temporary fix.  As I have been thinking of all the ins and outs of a permanent installation, I am thinking maybe it is time to call a professional plumber.  As I have been thinking about the sump pump, I have also been thinking about a mechanic's lien lawsuit I reviewed last week.  An engineer filed a mechanic's lien for work he did on a new subdivision for which he was not paid.  Being a smart guy, I am sure he thought, "How hard can it be to fill out the form and send it to the developer who owed him the money and record it with the county?"  So he did it himself.  It is not rocket science, but the legislature in enacting the mechanic's lien statute required that a mechanic's lien be recorded with the county recorder within 120 days of the last work done by the claimant and that a lawsuit to foreclose on that lien be filed in the district court within 6 months of that recording.   The engineer did not meet those two requirements and in my opinion will lose his lawsuit probably costing him a few million dollars.  I would have seen to it that his lien was properly filed for about $300.  So, if I do not call a plumber, how much could that cost me?

The bottom line is that there a many things that we can do for ourselves.  I  believe that we should always try to expand our abilities by doing more and more things for ourselves.  In that way we become more self reliant and more knowledgeable about the world in which we live.  But before venturing into the unknown we need to learn all the essential requirements whether it be about mechanics liens or sump pumps.   If we do not have the time or if the risk of failure is too high or if we lack the necessary skill we should find a professional.  So, do I really understand all I need to know about my sump pump?

Posted on September 15, 2013 .