Harvest time eating in Fort Collins...one of life's simple pleasures

Often the best part of life are the simple pleasures.  For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in Fort Collins, some of those pleasures are enjoying the fresh produce available from the end of July through much of September.   At the top of my list are fresh Palisade peaches.   Peaches can be grown in many places, but to obtain top quality year in and year out on a large scale requires a unique climate.  The orchard country surrounding Grand Junction, Colorado is one of those unique climates.  Some residents of Fort Collins will make an annual road trip to the Grand Junction area to take in some river rafting, off road cycling,  visiting dinosaur digs or the National Parks in southern Utah, etc. and then return with a load of these delicious peaches.  If a road trip does not fit into your schedule local grocery stores and temporary roadside marketers will supply you with peaches along with the other items noted in this post.

In addition to peaches, the fresh corn...usually served hot with salt and butter on the cob, is also a must buy.  There is delicious corn grown in Larimer and Weld counties and throughout the state.  Arguably some of the best is grown near the town of Olathe in the southwest portion of the state.  Check it all out and enjoy your favorites.

Though there are many other fresh fruits and vegetables available, you would be amiss not to try the wonderful melons grown throughout the state.  Many claim that the best come from the Rocky Ford area in southern Colorado.  Again try the cantaloupe and other melons, and you may also start looking for the "grown in Rocky Ford" sign.

Whatever your preferences, be sure not to miss the simple pleasures of harvest time eating in Fort Collins

Posted on August 11, 2013 .