As stated in prior blogs, the University of Wyoming has provided internet users with an estate planning course.  The course can be found at    I am now taking that course one week at a time.  This week I reviewed the lesson about guardianships and conservatorships .  The link is found at  This is a good basic article which explains what happens when there is a need for providing supervision for minors or adults to help them with their daily living (guardianships) and with their financies (conservatorships).  If there are no parents, nor a spouse or a trustee, to provide supervision, there may need to be a court ordered supervisor.  The main lesson to be learned is that ALL PARENTS OF MINOR CHILDREN SHOULD APPOINT BOTH A GUARDIAN AND A CONSERVATOR FOR THEIR MINOR CHILDREN even if they have appointed a trustee.  Many parents do so (all should).  It is interesting that very very few adults appoint a conservator/guardian for themselves.  Maybe we should rethink that and help make that important decision.  I think that you will find this article instructive.  Though, as with all the articles in this series, it states Wyoming law...that law is very similar to that in most other states regarding guardians and conservators.  As with the other articles, before you take any action, consult a local attorney.

Posted on January 26, 2014 .