Fort Collins, Windsor, Timnath, Loveland, Greeley and Wellington Parade of Homes

From the title of this blog, you can see a big change in this region.  Years ago there were several very separate communities here in northern Colorado.  Now we are a region, and for the next couple of weeks the home builders and realtors in our region are conducting a Parade of Homes.  Though you may not be planning on building or remodeling, or may not even like the types of homes that are on display, you may enjoy touring one or more of these homes to see the colors, materials, and other ideas that are on display that can make our living spaces more comfortable and livable.  This year the parade is not as well advertised as in years past, but just call the Group or Remax or JR Horton Builders and ask them where a parade home is located near you. Then drop by that home to pick up a listing of all the homes being shown or maybe the person you call will give you several addresses near you.  The homes are open today, and for the next 2 Saturdays and Sundays.

I enjoyed seeing a small bedroom that was made into a very well designed sleeping room for 8 children by using some plywood and structural lumber, nails and paint.  A great idea for a mountain cabin, basement, or any where you may need a place to sleep a bunch of children.

I also noticed the use in, what to me were expensive homes, of inexpensive white shower bases available at Lowe's or Home Depot for a couple hundred dollars.  Those bases really looked good with the great tile products that are available.  I remember a decade or more when I needed to redo a shower in our basement and was told that about the only option was to have a contractor come in and remove the old base and pour a new concrete base for over $500.

Speaking of showers and other tile work, I noticed the frequent use of the old fashioned 6 inch square white porcelain tile with white grout.  It looked great.  Of course there was also the whole gamut of tile sizes and materials that are available today with a wide array of grouts.

I am also intrigued by showers without doors and was not disappointed.  If you have not noticed, these take a look.  They are simply designed where the shower head is pointed away from the entry area, so that there is no need for a door to open and close and to clean.  Maybe someday, I will live in a home with such a shower.

Besides the things that I have mentioned, there were the latest faucets, fixtures (plumbing and lighting) as well as  windows, paint colors, textures, etc.  We noticed several French doors that we liked.

We had a couple of enjoyable hours driving around our community and seeing the latest and greatest (at least in the opinion of local builders and designers) in living spaces.  So when we inevitably need to replace or fix something in our living space we will have some ideas on what we like.  Its not fun for everyone, but I am sure many people who have never visited the local parade of homes would enjoy it if they tried it.  May you are one of them.

Posted on September 7, 2014 .