Build Glade Resevoir ASAP

This year the reason that the proposed Glade Reservoir should be built ASAP is quite obvious.  In Weld County several roads and paths are closed because of flooding rivers.   If we had more place to store water they would not be closed, but we would be saving water for use in Colorado.  Without more reservoirs great quantities of water are flowing to the Mississippi River and then the ocean.  There you have it:  flood control and Colorado usage/drought control.

The opponents of the Glade project do not want more water storage because they do not want more growth.  Growth is inevitable....people move to Colorado because it is a great place to live.   That is not going to change.  If we do not build Glade now, we will have more floods and more drought.  Then when the pressure of the growing population demands, Glade will be built for a much greater price.   What is the logic of enduring the floods, droughts and then paying the greater price required because of normal inflation?

Sometimes Glade opponents claim that they are concerned about the quality of the Poudre River.  They should check the history book, since most of our larger mountain "lakes" are reservoirs along with Horsetooth and others that are widely known as reservoirs, all of which were created for exactly the same reasons....keep more water in Colorado and allow for flood and drought control.  The rivers have run for decades..connecting the various reservoirs..without damaging the rivers.

The anti Glade people are also on the losing side of the anti growth sentiment that has been active in Colorado for at least 60 years.  None of us like to see more vehicles on I-25 or on our city streets.  But many of us have children and grandchildren who want to live in a nice place.  The last several decades have shown that though we understand the unattractive aspects of growth, as a society we do not have the power or desire to stop people from having children nor do we have the power or desire to prohibit people from moving into our area.

The only logical conclusion is to put the much needed new reservoir into useful public service.  Soon its opponents or their children or grandchildren will be enjoying fishing, boating or hiking on or around the new Glade reservoir along with enjoying the added flood and drought control.  Unfortunately there will be more people in Colorado in the future.  The timing of the Glade Reservoir will have no affect on that.

Posted on June 22, 2014 .